Who We Are

Water is one of humanity's most precious resources. Nature has always provided us with a plentiful supply of freshwater as well as the ability to purify and recover wastewater that we have generated in a closed cycle. However as our civilization develops, nature can no longer sustain this delicate cycle, resulting in a decline in the quality of life and the environment.

Freshwater scarcity has now become a global concern. The growth of high-tech industries in the last decade has spurred the rapid need for increasing amounts of high-quality water. The indiscriminate withdrawal of water from our wells, streams, and aquifers, followed by the subsequent dumping of this same water back to natural water bodies without proper treatment has led to severe problems.

Our quest to improve the quality of life continues to place demands for purity of water. We, at Water Lanka, recognize these problems and are focusing our efforts on providing water and wastewater treatment solutions.

Commitment, Dedication, and Solutions

Water Lanka is dedicated to developing and implementing cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technologies to help cleanse and restore the environment. Water Lanka has an innovative technology of providing water and wastewater treatment solutions to a diverse range of municipal, industrial, commercial, and institutional clients. Water Lanka has been at the forefront of developing technology and expertise to improve water quality, which is a critical need for maintaining human well-being.

Using the most innovative and appropriate technologies, Water Lanka has solutions to improve and sustain our environment. Water Lanka has the experience, qualifications, and capabilities to design, manufacture, supply, install, operate, and maintain our superior and innovative water and wastewater treatment systems and processes as water and wastewater treatment engineers and specialists.

With a strong commitment to global water and wastewater treatment, Water Lanka has developed a solid reputation with local people industries, organizations and, communities that places us at the forefront of evolving technology and expertise to improve the quality of water, thereby improving the environment and the overall quality of life.

Our Design and Engineering capabilities focus on quality

Water Lanka is proud of its reputation for integrity and quality, which is backed up by our strong relationship of dedication and loyalty to meet each client's diverse and individual needs. The innovative and cost-effective operation and maintenance service programs offered by our company are designed to suit a full range of specific requirements and conditions.

Water Lanka is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers and clients. The pursuit of excellence in quality is well emphasized within our corporate walls and extends to our vendors and subcontractors. Our corporate quality control and assurance procedures are continuously reviewed, upgraded, and updated to keep up with the ever-increasing market demand for the highest quality products and services.

Water Lanka design teams have developed water and wastewater treatment plants and systems to suit a diverse range of conditions that range from simple operations to more sophisticated and complex arrangements. Combined with the development of a wide range of chemical formulations to treat wastewater, Water Lanka has established a long record of proven and recognized success.

Water Lanka takes pride in developing innovative, cost-effective solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients as water and wastewater treatment specialists. Through globalization, diversification, innovative finance, and human resources, we are committed to our mission of providing quality products and services.

WWater Lanka continues to focus on environmental issues facing the world. Realizing the diversity of needs, environmental conditions, economics, and geography in different locations, we will continue to seek innovative ways to adapt to new and challenging environments and circumstances.

Starting with individual needs assessment and analysis, continuing with plant design, engineering, construction (including on-site), commissioning, and start-up, Water Lanka follows through with maintenance programs to ensure superior quality control and quality assurance. Dedicated Water Lanka engineers and technicians have the expertise and capabilities of designing and maintaining custom systems to meet specific needs, or they can upgrade, rehabilitate, and retrofit existing and aging plants, extending their useful lives and restoring optimal performance levels.

Strategic manufacturing and assembly

Water Lanka specializes in the manufacture, maintenance, and operation of custom-made water and wastewater treatment systems, specifically designed to meet each client's needs. Water Lanka engineers and technicians offer in-depth knowledge and expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing, quality control and assurance, project management, construction management, value engineering, and sales and marketing.

With strategically placed manufacturing and assembly facilities, When there are special requirements and specifications requested to suit individual needs, Water Lanka will make modifications and custom build the units. Water Lanka is a multi-facet plant with facilities to blend specialty chemicals, manufacturing filters, and demineralizes, reverse osmosis desalination equipment, clarifiers, wastewater treatment plants as well as all related electricals and controls.

Water Lanka manufactures and assembles water and wastewater treatment plants such as clarifiers, lime-soda softening, particulate filters, ion exchangers, microfilters, ultrafilters, and chlorinators to produce water suitable for potable water applications, industrial use, agricultural and irrigation, and pretreated feed water for desalination and demineralization.

Water Lanka is a proven leader in brackish water, seawater, and wastewater desalination using reverse osmosis processes. Water Lanka reverse osmosis systems effectively and safely reduce and/ or eliminate: Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), salt s, nitrates, heavy metals, Trihalomethanes (THM), bacteria and viruses, organic matters, taste and odors, and toxic substances. The reverse osmosis system has been a proven cost-effective pre-treatment to polishing demineralizes used in power plants, semiconductors, and other ultra-high purity water applications. Water Lanka has designed and manufactured reverse osmosis systems to further purify treated wastewater for reuse, recycling, and re-injection to aquifers for recharge or to prevent seawater intrusion. Water Lanka extensively uses ion exchange processes for the removal of minerals, silica, hardness, nitrates, heavy metals, organic matters, tannin, and other dissolved substances in water.

The Water Lanka package extended aeration sewage treatment plants (STP) is designed to treat sewage from various sources and different operating conditions. Custom designed. Water Lanka also designs, manufactures, supplies and installs industrial wastewater treatment plants for various industries, power plants, manufacturing facilities, mining operations, and the military. The industrial wastewater treatment plants utilize combined physical, chemical, and biological treatment processes in order to meet treatment goals such as discharge compliance with national and local regulations, materials recovery, wastewater recycling, or reuse to achieve economic benefits. Water Lanka zero-discharge wastewater treatment plants combine the wastewater treatment and water treatment processes including membrane separations and thermal processes to achieve the treatment goals.

Installation and operational Services

Water Lanka builds and operates industrial water and wastewater treatment plants for a variety of industries, power plants, manufacturing facilities, mining operations, and military factories. The plants utilize combined physical, chemical, and biological treatment processes in order to meet goals such as applicable boiler feed water, WHO drinking water standards and discharge compliances within national and local regulations, materials recovery, wastewater recycling, and reuse, and achievement of economic benefits.

Water Lanka offers a full range of custom products, supplies, and services to meet and exceed our clients' specifications and expectations. We have the knowledge and skills to completely install, commission, operate, and maintain water and wastewater treatment plants. Water Lanka provides full maintenance and operational services and supplies a complete range of water and wastewater treatment chemicals used in potable water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, boilers, cooling towers, and manufacturing processes, etc.Water Lanka also supplies control instrumentation and a complete variety of chemicals used in the various treatment processes as well as for maintenance and chemical cleaning of plants, pipes, cooling towers, tanks, etc.

Our sales, and technical network respond quickly to customer needs and requirements through shorter delivery periods, least cost, and best financing options.

Combined with our strong sense of sincerity, dedication. and loyalty to meet every client's or customer's needs, Water Lanka is proud of the integrity and quality our reputation stands for. With a trend toward privatization, the company's creative and cost-effective operation and maintenance service programs are designed to suit specific requirements and conditions.

Our range of products and services

Water Lanka is committed to providing the highest quality custom products and services to our clients and customers. We are proud of the our solid reputation that places us at the forefront of evolving technology and expertise to improve the quality of water, thereby improving the environment and the overall quality of life.

Water Lanka Products

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Portable water treatment plants
  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Clarifiers
  • Lamella plate settler clarifiers
  • Circular Clarifiers
  • Flocculation systems
  • Filtration systems for suspended solids removal, iron and manganese removal, taste and odor control, and organic removal
  • Brackish and seawater reverse osmosis (RO) desalination plants
  • Ion-exchangers for water softening, water demineralization, and specific ion removal
  • Chlorination system
  • Ultra-violet sterilization
  • Membrane treatment systems to include microfiltration, nanofiltration, and ultrafiltration systems
  • Ozonation
  • Package sewage treatment plants
  • Tertiary filtration system
  • Sludge treatment and dewatering
  • Advanced wastewater treatment plants
  • Industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Zero discharge water and wastewater treatment system
  • Water and wastewater treatment chemicals
  • Internal water treatment programs
  • Instrumentation and control systems

Water Lanka Services

  • Complete engineering design of water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Manufacturing, assembly, and installation of treatment plants
  • Wastewater characterization and survey
  • Water and wastewater analysis
  • Plant upgrade, refurbishing and retrofitting old and aging plants
  • Design, supply, and operation of pilot plants including collection, analysis, and interpretation of data
  • Turnkey projects
  • Build and operate schemes
  • Operation and maintenance contracts.
  • Value engineering
  • Procurement services
  • Project management